Entering his fourth year with the show, Pete is the newest addition to the security team.

Pete has been keeping the streets of Chicago safe for the last 15 years as a veteran law enforcement officer. Between the Chicago Police Department and "The Jerry Springer Show," he finds himself dealing with conflict on a daily basis.

Along with being a five-time boxing champion for the police force, Pete has earned several awards over the years for his work in the department. It has all been a part of perfect preparation to be a member of the show's security team, where he has made countless memories, mostly ones he can't talk about. And girls, yes, he is single. 

A Chicago Police Officer for 12 years, Jason is surrounded by familiar faces at "The Jerry Springer Show." He attended Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago along with Andrew and Pete, and was partners with Pete on the force. 

Jason was a boxing champion in high school and enjoyed boxing for the police department as well. He continues to participate in the sport to stay in shape when he has free time.

Between his experience in the ring and on the streets, Jason is more than qualified for his role on the show's security team. Still, he admits working for Jerry is more challenging than working for the police force at times, since he has to remember that the aggressive people on the show are guests.

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Shortly after college, Andrew, joined the production staff at "The Jerry Springer Show" where he began as an intern and became a production assistant. Andrew spent a year at the show behind the scenes.

After leaving to fulfill his dream of joining the law enforcement academy, Andrew found his way back to "The Jerry Springer Show," rejoining while still serving on the Chicago Police Force.

Now in his fifth season as a member of the security team and his seventh overall year with the show, Andrew sees his work for the police department as one in the same as his role with security. "It's the same crazy stories as I see on the street," he said, though he does admit what he sees on the show is a lot funnier.

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