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Tell us about yourself and the situation you or someone you care about is facing. Please be as descriptive as possible, in order to help our producers understand.


Do you need someone you can trust for help? Do you have a special story you want to share? Help is only one click or call away!

Look for a topic below and reach out to Steve! If you don't see a topic that relates to your situation, call our producers at 1-888-STEVE-07 (783-8307).

If you would like Steve's help, call 1-888-STEVE-07 or e-mail us

Get the truth

  • Do you want to uncover the truth or expose someone with a hidden camera?

    Call the show at 1-888-321-5351

  • Do you need to prove your innocence? Do you need a lie detector test to help confront someone?

    Call Tayra at 1-866-797-6813

  • Does your child have more than one possible father? Do you need a DNA test?

    Call Hollie at 1-877-836-3422

  • Do you or someone you know have more than one woman pregnant?

    Call Gabe at 1-877-836-3408

  • Have you or someone close to you been living with a secret that you cannot hide any longer?

    Call Ashleigh at 1-877-836-3441

Get closure

  • Have you done something so horrible and shocking you need help coming clean?

    Call the show at 1-888-321-5351

  • Do you need Steve to help you bring closure to a tragic situation?

    Call Tayra at 1-866-797-6813

  • Are you being wrongly accused and need Steve's help to clear your name?

    Call Hollie at 1-877-836-3422

  • Do you have information that could help solve a crime? Do you need Steve's help to close a case?

    Call Ashleigh at 1-877-836-3441

  • Do you have an unsolved crime that you need Steve's help with?

    Call Tayra at 1-866-797-6813

Physical abuse

  • Are you the victim of domestic violence? Get help now!

    Call Tayra at 1-866-797-6813

  • Do you know a child who is being abused or neglected and needs Steve's help?

    Call Hollie at 1-877-8363422

  • Are you being accused of abusing or neglecting a child and want to clear your name?

    Call Gabe at 1-877-836-3408

  • Have you or someone you know been a victim of date rape?

    Call Ashleigh at 1-877-836-3441

  • Are your spouse's cheating ways ruining your relationship?

    Call KIm at 1-877-836-3428


  • Do you need a lie detector test to prove your innocence?

    Call Me at 1-800-836-3408

Teen Issues

  • Do you want help with your teenage daughter? Is she sleeping around with older men? Has she been affected by "sexting?"

    Call Mayred at 1-877-836-3441

Lifestyle & Safety

  • Do you know a parent who believes it is safer to have their teenager drink and do drugs in the house?

    Call Ariadna at 1-866-797-6813


  • Are you a victim of cyberbullying and its ruining your life?  

    Call Andrew at 1-877-836-0000

  • Do you know a teenage couple that is desperate to have a baby? Do they feel that they are ready to be parents?

    Call Me again at 1-877-836-3428

Other Questions

  • Do you know someone who has been involved in a sex trafficking operation or a prostitution ring?

    Call Javier at 1-877-836-3428

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